‘Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future’ Michael Palin

'The study of Geography is about more than just memorising places on a map, it's about understanding the complexity of our world' Barack Obama

Have you ever wished you could travel the world? Come on a journey with us to understand, protect and repair our unique and extraordinary planet ready for the generation of tomorrow.

Learn how geographical processes shape our world and what the future may hold for us as human beings. Explore the power of our planet and the impact of our behaviour on the local , national and global environment.

Decide for yourself; Is it is too late to save our planet? #noplanetb

Year 7 begin their journey of exploration by navigating their way from home all the way around the UK and surrounding European countries using cutting edge technology as well as the more traditional OS maps. We then whet their appetite with a bite of chocolate by considering the industries involved in producing their favourite treat. Next, students delve into ethical issues and potential exploitation by multi-national corporations in low income countries and debate questions such as 'What is a fair wage to make my Nike trainers?'

Year 8 compare and contrast how the lifestyles of the people who populate areas on the continents of Africa and Asia differ and the factors at play. Next students investigate how various countries are responding to rising population figures and whether their approaches are ethical. Big questions are posed for debate such as, 'is the geography of Russia a curse or a benefit?'

Year 9 take a trip to Dubai to explore the middle east and it's wealth, it's conflicts and contrasts. From here, we head to Africa to ponder the origins of colonialism and it's lasting impact on the continent of Africa today. After that we unlock the challenges of urbanisation around the world. Our final port of call will focus on an emerging 'hot topic', for example, 'what will be the lasting legacy of the Olympics in Tokyo?'

Key Stage 4 Geography

Year 10 is the start of the 2 year GCSE voyage. Our curriculum is specifically tailored to ensure our students achieve their full potential in examinations set by AQA. Click here to see the exam board's website.

Paper 1 – Living with the physical world – 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Natural hazards (tropical storms and tectonic hazards)
  • Living world (hot and cold ecosystems)
  • Physical landscapes of the UK (coasts and rivers)

Paper 2 – Challenges in the human environment – 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Urban issues and challenges (Liverpool and Rio)
  • The changing economic world (Nigeria)
  • Challenge of resource management (Energy)

Paper 3  - Geographical applications - 1 hour 15 minutes

Pre-released material and fieldwork.

British Values, SMSC and Cultural Capital

From Liverpool One to the volcanoes of Iceland, Geography has our students going places!

The study of Geography naturally lends itself to a voyage of discovery, what it truly means to be British and how cultural diversity should be celebrated. Ethical and moral issues are intertwined through the curriculum, such as, the emergence of China as a pre-eminent Superpower and Britain's future relationship with them. Students develop a keen awareness of different cultures on a global and local scale. Students are encouraged to become socially responsible citizens and consider the implications of climate change.