I am exceptionally proud to be principal of this wonderful school; we stand at the heart of our community and in the words of our students, ‘We are a family’.

​Being a smaller school, we know our students inside-out and always put them at the heart of our decisions. We work exceptionally hard to provide a student-centred, personalised, and innovative learning environment preparing our students with the character and leadership skills to lead happy, healthy, and successful futures.  Being a Liverpool City Region Careers Hub, we actively support our students to pursue the career of their choice; we instil in all of them that their dreams are within reach.

Our curriculum plans are ambitious, and our offer extends well beyond the classroom walls.  We actively encourage all our students to develop their cultural learning through opportunities to travel, read, debate, participate in and achieve additional awards and qualifications.  We are firmly dedicated to our values of social action, ambition, pride, and resilience which emanate through our academy on a daily basis.

Every parent and carer, me included, want to know that the school their child belongs to is a safe place where they can flourish. I pledge that the most important of my endeavours is to make a deep and genuine difference in the lives of our children, now and for their future.  

I hope to see you soon!

Mrs Sally Jones, Principal

Sandymoor Ormiston Academy; where dreams are within reach