Children Looked After (CLA-Children In Care)

For children in care and those who have been previously looked after, we try to raise their educational attainment and close any gaps which may exist between them and their peers.  This includes effective and appropriate use of the Pupil Premium Plus, bespoke for each child, for example:

  • Ensure that they make at least expected levels of progress and try to accelerate this progress to ensure that each young person achieves their full potential.
  • Ensure that they have an up to date effective termly Personal Education Plan (PEP) that tracks their progress and provides the support required to enable them to reach their academic targets.
  • Improve their overall attendance and reduce rates of persistent absence.
  • Reduce the number of suspensions, both fixed term and permanent, and to ensure that those young people who are suspended receive at least their statutory entitlement to support and re-integration during this period.
  • Ensure that each young person is attending the school that is considered best for meeting their needs.
  • Minimise, and where possible, remove social, emotional, behavioural and attachment factors that may prove to be barriers to accessing the curriculum.
  • Improve continued participation in education, employment and training opportunities for care leavers.
  • Promote equality of opportunity.
  • Ensure that their views are fully considered in decision-making and inform developments in relation to service provision and delivery.

Virtual School

Virtual Schools contain a group of professionals who work closely to support children in care to get the best outcomes. It does not replace the mainstream school they attend, but is an additional resource where people can work co-operatively and collaboratively.

We work closely with Halton Virtual School and their Headteacher Mr Ben Holmes; click here for more information. We also work closely with other Virtual Schools across the country to support our students from out of borough.

Designated Teachers are based in school and co-ordinate the support for looked after children.

Our Designated Teacher is Miss Ashlie Davies, supported by Mrs Rebecca Ruddock and our Designated Governor is Mr Bryan Jones.