Enrichment for All

Now, more than ever, developing a thriving enrichment programme is an essential part of promoting employability, academic attainment and teaching young people the skills they need to make good choices. The benefits of which spread well beyond the classroom.

Ski Trip – 2023

A tweet from Tim Peake, the British astronaut living and working on board the International Space Station for six months, summed up perfectly the need for both character skills and work experience. He wrote:

Character is important – a CV may get you the interview, but character will get you the job

Tanzania Trip – 2023

Students can choose activities outside of the standard requirements of their timetable to gain new and exciting skills. They will also develop their confidence within social, moral, spiritual and cultural contexts setting them up for success in their future.

Enrichment at Sandymoor Ormiston Academy:

Social action is one of our four core values. It develops character which helps to improve the wider community in which we are rooted. It strengthens relationships, keeps us connected and encourages social cohesion.

Our social action includes:

  • Charity work for local homeless shelter and animal rescue centre, for instance, Shoebox full of love appeal at Christmas
  • Links with our primary school feeders to work on joint projects to serve our communities, for instance, cooking and performing for our older citizens.
  • Providing every year 9 student with the opportunity to achieve Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.
  • Reading for Betterment strategy, providing books for all to read, take home, supporting our weaker readers and engaging with the community through anthology work with our local British Legion.

We expect all of our students to embrace the experiences and possibilities on offer both inside
and outside the classroom and seizing the opportunities to gain additional qualifications that will
set them apart, for example:
Year 8 – The Murray Award
Year 9 – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Year 10 & 11 – The Prince’s Trust Award

We reward students for being active members of the school and wider community. Equally, it is important to identify students who need further support in becoming more active in the life of the school and removing barriers which may stand in their way.