Mrs S Jones

Leadership & Strategy

Mrs D Johnson
Vice Principal

Curriculum & Assessment

Mrs R Ruddock
Senior Assistant Principal

Designated Safeguarding Officer, Inclusion & Welfare

Mr N McGuckin
Assistant Principal for Pupil Development and Ethos

Pupil Leadership & Ethos for Learning

Mrs C Thompson
Business Manager & PA to the Principal

HR & Business

Mrs J Humphries
Director of Finance

Finance & Development

  • Mr S Ashcroft
    Teacher of Music & Transition Lead
  • Mr G Aylward
    Teacher of Mathematics
  • Miss E Bennion
    Teacher of English
  • Miss C Bond
    Teacher of Art & Technology (Head of Year 11)
  • Miss H Booth
    Teacher of Performing Arts, History
  • Mrs J Brady
    Teacher of Mathematics / SENCO
  • Mr D Brownrigg
    Teacher of IT and Enterprise
  • Ms C Catena Gonzalez
    Teacher of Spanish
  • Mrs N Codack
    Teacher of Mathematics
  • Mrs C Collins
  • Head of Art, Design Technology & Performing Arts
  • Mr L Crewe
  • Head of Science
  • Mr R Davies
    Teacher of Mathematics
  • Mrs D Fairhead
    Teacher of Art, Technology and Textiles. SEND team (trainee SENCO)
  • Mrs E Fraser
  • Head of English
  • Mrs L Gault
  • Head of Maths, Curriculum & Assessment
  • Miss S Green
  • Teacher of PE & Geography. Lead for Duke of Edinburgh (Head of Year 10)
  • Miss K Griffiths
  • English Teacher & Literacy Lead
  • Mrs J Hughes
  • Teacher of Geography & Maths
  • Mr I Latta
  • Head of Religious Studies, SMSC & Oracy Lead
  • Miss R Moore
    Teacher of Science
  • Mr S Mottram
    Teacher of English (Head of Year 7)
  • Ms J Mwaliteta Mwaliteta
  • Teacher of Religious Studies and Life Skills
  • Miss L Newall
  • Teacher of English (Head of Year 8)
  • Miss K Phillips
  • Teacher of English
  • Mrs D Roberts
    Teacher of Science and Animal Care. STEM Enrichment lead
  • Mr S Smith
  • Head of Vocational Studies, Sport & Character
  • Mr W Stanistreet
    Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs J Sutcliffe
  • Director of Pedagogy & Teacher Development
  • Mr G Tarry
    Teacher of Mathematics
  • Miss P Thompson
    Teacher of Science
  • Miss L Tondziel
    Teacher of Science and Physical Education (Head of Year 9)
  • Mr M Walby
  • Head of History & PSHE
  • Miss F Wilson
  • Head of Geography
  • Mr P Spencer
  • Mrs J Trowler
  • Mrs C White
  • Mrs D Rowland
  • Mrs J Hughes
  • Mrs S Dean
  • Mrs D Mottram
  • Miss D Evans
  • Miss A Davies
  • ARC Manager & Attendance Lead
  • Mrs M Elder
    ARC Learning Mentor
  • Mrs G Gibbs
  • Deputy Safeguarding Lead & SEND Team Leader
  • Mrs N Grice
    Behaviour Pastoral Support Officer (Head of Year 10)
  • Mr N Hodgkinson
  • Science & Maths Tutor
  • Mrs D Moore
    Attendance & Family Liaison Officer
  • Mrs T Dockerty
    Reception/Admin. Assistant
  • Mrs A Duncalf
    Clerk to the Governing Body
  • Miss G Faulke
  • Miss C Fisher
    Assistant Facilities Co-ordinator
  • Mrs D Fuller
    Reception/Admin. Assistant
  • Mr A Gregory
    Transport Manager
  • Mrs K George
  • Community
  • Mrs K Hall
  • HR Manager
  • Mrs Clare Hampton
    Assistant Facilities Co-ordinator
  • Ms R Jensen
    Data Administrator
  • Mrs N O'Mahoney
    Examinations Officer
  • Mr C Pantazides
    Site Manager
  • Mrs K Thompson
    Senior Receptionist/Admin. Assistant
  • Mrs J Williams
    Science Technician
  • Mrs M Webb
    Finance Assistant
  • Mr S Thow
    IT Network Manager
  • Mr A Cosgrove
    IT Technician
  • Ms L Bogle
    Catering Manager
  • Mrs J Downey
  • Miss S Swanwick
  • Mrs D Furey
    Catering Assistant
  • Miss K White
    Catering Assistant
  • Mrs N McEvatt
    Catering Assistant
  • Mrs C Stankovianszky
    Catering Assistant
  • Mrs S Dougan
    Midday Assistant
  • Mrs H Brizzell
    Midday Assistant