Unforeseen Closures

The academy will strive to remain open even in the most challenging of circumstances as we recognise the disruption that closure causes to our community. However, in very rare circumstances the academy may be forced to close. Reasons may include very severe weather or heavy snow, the loss of heating and hot water or other serious incidents.

Our Adverse Weather guidance is here

A decision to close will never be taken lightly and will only be made when it is considered to be the safest option.

  • Any decision to close will be posted on our academy website and via our Facebook page by 7.30am. A text message to parents and carers will follow these announcements via Synergy.
  • The academy will notify Halton Local Authority.

If we need to close during the academy day:

  • We will inform all families immediately via Synergy. We will also display a notice on our website and our Facebook feeds to communicate the message. Please ensure that contact details up to date so you don’t miss important messages.
  • We will make sure students inform us if they are worried about getting home safely. We will encourage students to contact parents and carers directly in order to get home safely, if they have the means to do so. Any child who cannot get home will remain with us in the academy and will be looked after until they can be collected.
  • We will do our very best to take messages from parents and carers, however, please be patient.

Parents and carers’ responsibilities:

  • Parents must make the best decision for their child/ren based on their own assessment of the risk to travel to and from the academy.
  • If you find yourself unable to get your child to the academy, please contact us in the usual way for reporting absence.

During and after closure:

  • Students can access their Teams accounts to access messages and work and we will follow our remote learning policy. It would be advisable for year 10 and 11 to check their email and Teams in case their teachers wish to communicate with them.
  • It is unlikely the academy will announce a second closure for the following day in advance, so parents and carers should check the academy website and Facebook for further information.
  • For longer term closures, remote learning information can be found here.