Vision & Values

As a united family together we embark on an exciting voyage of discovery into a somewhat unchartered future. We are proud to be developing the next generation of trail blazers who have a firm belief that, for them, anything is possible; that their dreams are within reach. Pupils who are proud to be curious and creative and find new ways of achieving their potential with the confidence and self-belief to fly!

We lead by example and live out this desire to ‘inspire excellence together’ by facing our fears to become stronger and wiser through resilience and determination. We look after each other and work to make our community a better place to live; whilst promoting an awareness of wider world issues.

Success to us is not only measured in academic outcomes; we value the wider, enrichment experience which educates the whole child, giving our pupils improved life chances. We endeavour to actively remove barriers from youngsters lives as best as we can to transform their future.

To us, education is a pursuit of the mind and to this end we encourage our school community to read, to learn, to challenge and to debate in a place where everyone has a voice that is recognised as we work together to become greater.

We take pride in being the school that every child wants to remain a part of, even after they have graduated; the school that has become more than a school; a family; a place of safety and warmth that remains in the hearts of our community throughout their life.