Parents and Carers

In a constantly evolving world it can be a struggle to keep up with the latest options and, as parents, we find ourselves facing questions such as;

  • Are apprenticeships the right pathway for my child?
  • Should they be considering BTECs or T levels?
  • How can I help my child to make the right choices at GCSE and A Level?

Encouraging your teen to get the most from the CEIAG support we offer within school, completing their pledge passport and attending our Careers Fair will certainly help.

Talking Futures

Talking Futures provides a suite of resources, activities and practical guidance to help you engage parents in supporting their children to decide upon their next best step. Careers guidance is key to social mobility. It provides young people – whatever their background – with the skills and information they need to make good decisions about their best next step.

Why not have a careers conversation with your child?

Start talking with them now about future possibilities. Or try conversation cards.

Preparing for transitions

Read through this booklet to learn all about transitions into GCSE, and onto post 16 choices.

Sites like these are also useful for parents and carers to browse;