A different language is a different vision of life’ Federico Fellini

One language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every door along the way’ Ludwig Wittgenstein

Language is the road map of a culture’ Frank Smith

Immerse yourself in the passion and vibrancy of Spain and Latin America as we explore all the Spanish culture has to offer. Develop your linguistic ability and recognise the power of talk as a means of exploring language and ideas.

Year 7 'turn detective' (“Detective de lengua”) as they investigate language clues and decode new words and sentences. They discover the culture and language of Spanish and learn how to talk about themselves and others.  They 'walk with skeletons' in Mexico to celebrate “El día de los Muertos” (the Day of the Dead), and they wait excitedly, like Spanish children do, for the “Tres Reyes Magos” (Three Kings) to deliver Christmas presents

Year 8 continue on their journey of discovery by designing and describing the house of their dreams using rich and wide vocabulary. Students then become jet setters! - will they choose a holiday enjoying the sun, sea and sand of Spain or maybe they will opt for the heights of the andes mountains in South America. 

Year 9 peer into the future and investigate how new technology will shape their lives. Their language skills are put to the test as they delve into more complex vocabulary to describe, discuss and put forward their own points of view. Students then travel back in time to El Salvador to study the film “Voces Inocentes” and immerse themselves into life during the civil war of the 1980s.

KS3 Topics include:

  • Mi familia y yo
  • Mi colegio y mi futuro
  • Mis pasatiempos
  • Mi casa y mi ciudad
  • Mis vacaciones
  • La tecnología nueva
  • El cine

Key Stage 4:

Continue on a further 2 year learning journey with GCSE Spanish to develop a higher level of fluency and confidence. Our curriculum at this stage is tailored to maximise our students' success within the AQA GCSE Specification here. This covers 3 ‘Themes’:

  • Theme 1: Identity and culture 
  • Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest 
  • Theme 3: Current and future study and employment 

British Values, Cultural capital and SMSC

Studying a language naturally enhances students' cultural awareness and develops them spiritually, morally and socially. Our Spanish curriculum is packed with opportunities for students to experience genuine Spanish customs and heritage, for example, food tasting, celebrating festivals and exploring age-old traditions. By exposing our students to diverse cultures and habits they consider their own routines and perspectives in a different light.

As well as covering SMSC through topic work, such as family, hobbies, relationships and healthy living, students are also encouraged to debate and reflect on the differences and similarities between the UK and other countries.

Cultural visits to Spain and France support our students to embark on an exciting voyage of discovery.