Design & Technology

“Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions” John Maeda.  

“Design and Technology creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”  Robert L. Peters.

Do you want to be the next Elon Musk, James Dyson or Melinda Gates?

Get your creative juices flowing as you are taken on a whirlwind tour through the worlds of art, design, textiles and food. Prepare yourself for careers that have yet to be invented!

Here, creative thinking and problem-solving combine to develop practical solutions to challenges presented in our modern world; be this designing the next space ship, clothing for travellers to Mars or even the food they may consume.  

Year 7 begin their journey getting to grips with hardwood and softwood as they put their skills safely to the test making their very own chalkboard. Next, their senses do the talking as they experiment with food through the seasons. Students consider the implications of the 4C's and the impact of enzymes on food. Finally, they take inspiration from the 'design' world around them as they analyse businesses and their use of font and graphics.

Year 8 spark into action around the circuit boards as they learn the skill of soldering before heading on their travels tasting pastries from around the world . Next, they get some perspective as they focus on oblique projection, vanishing points and tonal shading in technical drawing techniques.

Year 9 step into a new world to become designers of the future creating a prototype for a client profile. After this, they take a tour around the eat well plate; exploring the functions of nutrients, benefits of healthy eating and how deficiencies affect the human body. For their next task, they definitely need to use their loaf when they learn the traditions behind baking bread and how to adapt recipes to suit the needs of the consumer. In the final chapter, year 9 face the ultimate global challenge. They consider the United Nations sustainable goals and the impact of recycling on the planet on their mission to design around challenges.

British Values, SMSC and Cultural Capital 

Students investigate the moral choices facing designers & manufacturers when deciding on materials and how products evolve according to users’ and designers’ needs, beliefs, ethics and values. They explore how products contribute to lifestyle and consumer choices and how the use of the six ‘Rs’ of sustainability support the conservation of the earth’s resources. They learn the responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of the more developed countries in minimising waste and the impact global warming is having on the environment.  

Students appreciate the importance of following rules to maintain a safe and efficient working environment as well as self‐regulation.  Students are encouraged to be curious; investigating and developing reasoned views about moral and ethical issues whilst appreciating the viewpoints of others.

We encourage mutual respect through peer observations and feedback and self-confidence through reflective practice when exploring their own ideas and concepts. Product analysis in all areas promotes students' opportunities to respectfully critique work.