BTEC Sport

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard” Tim Notke.  

Preparing learners for their future in a fast-paced, ever-changing world, is the best gift we can give.

Year 10 is the start of the 2 year BTEC First voyage. Our curriculum is specifically tailored to ensure our students achieve their full potential in examinations set by Edexcel. Click here to see the exam board's website.

There are 4 units which comprise this qualification:

  • Unit 1:  Fitness for Sport and Exercise
  • Unit 2:  Practical Performance in Sport
  • Unit 3:  Applying the Principles of Personal Training
  • Unit 5: The Sports Performer in Action

British Values, SMSC and Cultural Capital 

The promotion of skills essential to building successful young people ready for for life and work forms the essence of this pathway of study, for example:

  • Team work
  • Self-management
  • Independent enquiry
  • Reflective and creative thinking
  • Effective participation

We embrace the cultural origins of sport and how race, religion, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds all play out in this diverse field. Physical Education instils a healthy regard for discipline and etiquette, for example, shaking hands before and after matches, applauding the opposition and playing fairly. Students see the importance of regulations and abiding by them which fosters positive attitudes.

Students develop confidence, drive, team work, determination and resilience and learn the benefit of trying their best no matter where their starting point is; we play by the motto 'We start together, we finish together, no one left behind'