Animal Care

“Teaching children to be kind to animals today is our only hope for a kinder world tomorrow” One Voice for Animal Rights.  

We engender an ethos of empathy, care, love, compassion, understanding, commitment and confidence by having animals to care for. This ties in with our mission to build a curriculum which encourages all children by supporting their needs, especially in reading, communication, observation and speaking.

Key Stage 4 

Year 10 is the start of the 2 year BTEC course. Our curriculum is specifically tailored to ensure our students achieve their full potential. The exam board is Pearson – click here to see the exam board’s website. The examined element is one unit whilst the rest is assessed by a portfolio of evidence.

Our students gain knowledge, training and work experience ready to embark on a career in animal care. Students who study this course can go on to study further at level 3 or consider jobs and apprenticeships in areas such as:

  • veterinary nursing,
  • conservation,
  • animal shelters and
  • pet shops

Students cover all aspects of caring for living creatures such as visual and physical checks, vaccination programmes, diseases, animal welfare, behaviour, handling and housing.

British Values, SMSC and Cultural Capital 

Students learn how animals are used within society, including for scientific procedures and those kept in captivity for both pleasure and conservation projects. They understand that cultural and spiritual beliefs affect the way people think and act and debate topics whilst respecting others viewpoints.

Students appreciate how regulatory bodies govern animal welfare and enforce legislation. This is approached from an empathetic viewpoint and educates the students on the welfare needs of animals and why these must be met.

Aside from the specific education regarding animal laws, animal care enhances students in a wider context in terms of developing them to become kind, caring and law-abiding citizens.