'Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong' John F Kennedy

Are you the next Katerina Johnson Thompson or Usain Bolt? Is there a hidden gold medallist within you or do you need some inspiration?

A healthy mind starts with a healthy body. Through competition and performance we develop key skills whilst learning the importance of key attributes, such as resilience and determination.

Prepare to fly!

Year 7 kick off their journey by mastering their passing, dribbling and footwork in a variety of sports. Next they master the net in volleyball and badminton before getting their dancing feet into gear as they experiment with gesture, travel and stillness. Once the summer arrives, we hit the track and field in athletics and cricket.

Year 8 spring into action as they defend, attack and shoot in sports such as basketball, football and rugby. Then, they get to grips with the racquet in underarm and overarm play in badminton as well as volleyball set plays. Then they roll into gymnastics to develop their techniques both individually and in pairs. Back out to the field they go to develop more assertive skills in athletics and cricket before enjoying the quieter life of tennis.

Year 9 get crafty as they become more tactical within several sports; thinking carefully about set plays and regulations. Next they take off in gymnastics as they focus on flight. Then they serve up a spin in tennis before heading out to the sunshine again for a closer look at more complex techniques in cricket, rounders and athletics.

Core PE at Key Stage 4

Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body; they go hand in hand. Being able to de-stress and relax is key to success in exams and assignments. One, hourly lesson per week, allows students to participate in sport, both team and individual activities, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without the pressure they may experience in examined subjects.

British Values, SMSC and Cultural Capital 

We embrace the cultural origins of sport and how race, religion, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds all play out in this diverse field.

Physical education instils a healthy regard for discipline and etiquette, for example, shaking hands before and after matches, applauding the opposition and playing fairly. Students see the importance of regulations and abiding by them which fosters positive attitudes.

Students develop confidence, drive, team work, determination and resilience and learn the benefit of trying their best no matter where their starting point is; we play by the motto 'We start together, we finish together, no one left behind'